tiny tOTs occupational therapy is a private evidence-based family-centred goal-directed service aimed at working with young people (0-16), their families and educators on everyday activities that may be challenging and impacting their day-to-day life. Our expertise include working with children with global developmental delay, behaviours and emotional regulation of concern, school transition, daily life skills and empowerment as well as exploring sensory differences impacting on function.

In Home

We offer in home assessment and ongoing therapy at tiny tOTs paediatric OT. This can be a nice option to be able to watch and engage in therapy as a parent. Because as we know therapy doesn’t just happen when we are around it is all the practice done at home when we are not there. You may have a therapy space in your house, or we may move from inside/outside, table and chair/floor. This is the only setting we will complete an initial assessment to avoid as many distractions as possible when we first meet.

Day Care/Kinder

tiny tOTs paediatric occupational therapy offer a day care/kinder/school option whereby we would go and complete therapy session at your child’s day care/kinder/school. Initial Assessments are not offered here only at home. We can observe your child in their natural
environment and help them through activities they may find challenging and work with educators to best support your child in an ongoing capacity. We can spend 1:1 with them working on the goals we discussed or a combination of the two. It is important the school is aware of these sessions and that there is space for this to be undertaken


tiny tOTs paediatric occupational therapy offer a telehealth service for those children who require therapy but don’t meet catchment requirements or for those who prefer on the screen sessions.